Annual Reports

Commitment To Transparency

Chartered in 1888, the Louisiana SPCA is committed to transparency and accountability. Each year, we continue to grow, evolve and implement new life-saving programs. Our latest financial statements, annual reports and monthly animal care reports are available to our donors and the general public.

Annual Reports


Annual Report coming soon!


Annual Report coming soon!




Animal Care Reports



Ranking in the top 1% and 4-Star on Charity Navigator with a Platinum rating on Guidestar , we are a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promote, protect and advance the well-being of Louisiana’s companion animals. As the oldest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the state, the Louisiana SPCA provides care for more than 70,000 homeless and companion animals annually. For more than 128 years, the Louisiana SPCA has been committed to serving the needs of the people and animals in the community and across the region.

A $50 donation can provide annual vaccinations for a shelter dog

Adopting a pet is an amazing way to show love to an animal in need and brings so much love to you in return. There are plenty of animals in Louisiana that are in search of forever homes, but we hope you will find your new family member here at the Louisiana SPCA!