Transport Program


The Louisiana SPCA’s transport program is a great opportunity to reduce shelter overpopulation by moving animals from our frequently overcrowded shelter to those across the country with ample space.

Because pet overpopulation is something that our neighboring shelters also struggle with, we almost always invite our local partners to join our transports! By working together we are able to save more lives across our entire state.

  • Companion Animal Alliance
  • Humane Society of South Mississippi
  • Iberville Parish Animal Shelter
  • Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter
  • Natchitoches Humane Society
  • NOLA Freedom Transport
  • St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter
  • St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter
  • St. John Parish Animal Shelter
  • Terrebone Parish Animal Shelter
  • West Baton Rouge Animal Control
  • Anti-Cruelty Society
  • Anderson Humane Society
  • Atlanta Humane Society
  • Operation Kindness
  • Potter League
  • Wayside Waifs

We absorb 100% of the cost to transport animals from other shelters around Louisiana and Mississippi. On average, a single transport costs between $7,000-$10,000.

Receiving Transport Partners

Our transport partners are strategically located across the country and are selected very carefully. We only transport to reputable shelters that have the means to care for and place each animal that we send.

  • Animal Humane Society
  • Animal Welfare League of Arlington
  • Anti-Cruelty Society
  • Atlanta Humane Society
  • Brandywine Valley SPCA
  • Humane Rescue Alliance
  • St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center
  • Wayside Waifs
  • Wisconsin Humane Society

Our specially designed, 38 foot transport trailer is equipped to transport 50 – 100 animals at one time. The animals are safely secured, our staff follow all DODT regulations and the trailer is video monitored and air-conditioned. Each animal travels with a health certificate and a thorough vet exam prior to leaving the Louisiana SPCA. 

Did you know that we’re not affiliated with the ASPCA and rely on local donations?

Adopting a pet is an amazing way to show love to an animal in need and brings so much love to you in return. There are plenty of animals in Louisiana that are in search of forever homes, but we hope you will find your new family member here at the Louisiana SPCA!