Foster Program

Fostering Saves Lives

Being an Louisiana SPCA foster parent is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities that we have to offer. You can cuddle with adorable puppies, bottle feed infant kittens, care for animals during a medical recovery and even help us find them a human to call their own!

They aren’t asking for forever … just right now! Become a foster and save a life.

Join Our Foster Team

To become a foster parent, please fill out our foster application. Once completed, you will be asked to watch a short orientation video based on the type of animals you want to foster. Additionally, you will receive an email from us within 24-hours after submitting your foster application. This email will include a link to schedule an appointment to select your foster animal!

Which type of fostering is right for you?


These are animals that need time outside of the shelter and extra TLC. They may need some time to come out of their shell before finding a forever home.

Adoption Ready

Adoption ready fostering is for animals that are ready to make their adoption debut! Often times we don’t have enough space on our adoption floor to showcase all of the wonderful animals ready to find a forever home.


Medical foster care can range from treatable skin conditions to surgery recovery. By providing these animals with a quiet place to rest and recovery, they grow stronger quicker! These fosters will most likely require extra visits to us for medical checkups and as a foster parent may have to administer medications. This can also include litters of puppies, kittens and neonates.

Kitten Krewe

A special thank you to the Gia Maione Prima Foundation for sponsoring our Kitten Krewe! This group of fosters provide life-saving care to our tiny neonatal kittens.

Kitten Krewe is by far our most popular foster group in New Orleans, especially during kitten season! Because kittens must be at least 2 lbs. before they can be spayed or neutered, we need fosters to care for them until they get big enough. We do try to keep litters together when possible so expect to care for at least one or more kittens.

Our foster program gives temporary homes to nearly 1,500 foster animals each year until they are ready to make their adoption debuts. While in foster care, we take of the medical care of each animal.

Our work would not be possible without the dedication, passion, and determination each and every volunteer brings to our organization. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities pursue!