Foster Program

Fostering Saves Lives

Being an Louisiana SPCA foster parent is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities that we have to offer. You can cuddle with adorable puppies, bottle feed infant kittens, care for animals during a medical recovery and even help us find them a human to call their own!

We are currently updating our foster program and will reopen foster applications again soon!

They aren’t asking for forever … just right now! Become a foster and save a life.

Which type of fostering is right for you?

Fast Track

Fast track foster homes are for adoptable dogs that are having a hard time meeting the right human at our physical locations. Foster parents are tasked with bringing the animal to pet-friendly places around the community like dog parks, beer gardens and walks along heavy populated areas like Magazine Street. By going on these outings with your foster pet you are exposing them to potential adopters!

Kitten Krewe

Kitten Krewe is our most popular and largest group of foster parents. Because kittens must be at least 2 lbs to make their adoption debut, we need help caring for the tiny and fragile kittens that flood our shelters in the spring and summer months.


Fostering an animal with behavior issues can be one of the most rewarding foster experiences but also the hardest. Sometimes an animal comes to us extremely fearful or with some bad habits like excessive barking at others or jumping. These traits don’t look appealing to potential adopters and we know all the animal needs is a little training to be their best self.


Medical foster families help animals recover from a special surgery or a prolonged illness. By providing these animals with a quiet place to rest and recovery, they grow stronger quicker!

Ring Worm

Ring worm fostering plays a vital role in saving lives! Because ring worm is highly contagious, most shelters will euthanize any animal with signs of ring worm. As an organization committed to saving as many lives as possible, we utilize our foster program to treat these animals until they are healed and ready to make their adoption debut!

Kitten Krewe is by far our most popular foster group in New Orleans, especially during kitten season! Because kittens must be at least 2 lbs. before they can be spayed or neutered, we need fosters to care for them until they get big enough. We do try to keep litters together when possible so expect to care for at least one or more kittens.

Our foster program gives temporary homes to nearly 1,500 foster animals each year until they are ready to make their adoption debuts. While in foster care, we take of the medical care of each animal.

Our work would not be possible without the dedication, passion, and determination each and every volunteer brings to our organization. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities pursue!