Traveling With or Without Your Pet

May 18, 2022


Traveling With or Without Your Pet

It’s officially travel season and whether you’re planning a beach trip or hopping on a plane and traveling further, there’s always the question of what to do with your pets. Preparing to travel with (or without) your pet is a lot like planning an evacuation for a hurricane. Both scenarios should be taken seriously and planned for well in advance.

Before traveling, ensure that your pet is microchipped and is also wearing visible identification. If you’re traveling by car, ensure that you have all the supplies you’ll need like a well-ventilated crate, food, bowls, enough water, clean-up bags and medications.

If you’re planning to travel by plane, make sure to speak with the airline about their specific requirements. Small animals can often be carried onboard with you, but there are usually specific size requirements for their carrier. Keep in mind that the airline will charge extra for taking a pet.

Make sure your hotel or other accommodation is pet friendly. Keep in mind many hotels will charge extra for pets. Most travel sites allow you to search specifically for pet-friendly accommodations.

If you decide not to travel with your pet and need to board him or her, make sure to plan in advance. Many boarding facilities get filled up during popular travel times! Most boarding facilities require boarded animals to be spayed/neutered. I

f you’re travel plans involve staying with friends or family with other dogs, do some research on dog to dog introductions to make sure it’s a smooth transition for your dog and theirs.