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National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

April 8, 2021


Dog Fighting: How to Spot It

April 8th is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, which attempts to bring awareness to one of the cruelest forms of animal abuse: dog fighting. Dogs that are forced to participate in dog fighting frequently suffer extreme physical and mental abuse.

Often times, dogs that are used in dog fighting are kept chained up or in cages with little access to basic necessities until they are forced to fight. In the cruel world of dog fighting, it is kill or be killed. These poor animals are used as nothing more than entertainment and deserve to live much better lives and circumstances than they are given. Usually animals subjected to dog fighting have their ears mangled or tails docked in inhumane ways in order to hide the dog’s body language or reduce the areas the other animal could grab.

Dog fighting is illegal in every state, but tens of thousands of people still ignore the laws, and the animals needs for profit or entertainment. According to law enforcement agencies around the country, dog fighting is often associated with other illegal activities such as illegal gambling, drugs and firearms. Spotting the signs of potential dog fighting could be key in saving countless animals’ lives and preventing future crimes. Look for signs such as:

No dog deserves to go through each day fearing for their lives, and the cruel and inhumane “sport” of dog fighting is one of the worst forms of animal abuse. It is up to each of us to put a stop to this cruel and inhumane punishment unfairly cast upon these helpless animals Be their voice and report suspected dog fighting by calling 9-1-1.