Louisiana SPCA Announces Gia Maione Prima Foundation’s Sponsorship of the New Kitten Krewe Foster Program

February 22, 2021


The Louisiana SPCA is proud to announce the Gia Maione Prima Foundation as the new sponsor of the organization’s Kitten Krewe foster program.

Kitten Krewe is the Louisiana SPCA’s largest and most popular foster program because it is essential to the survival of often day-old kittens. Members of the Kitten Krewe program bottle feed orphaned kittens around the clock for weeks on end and nurture the kittens until they are old enough for adoption. While this type of fostering is time consuming and often includes complex medical care, it is also the most rewarding.

Kitten season in Louisiana begins in the spring and runs through the summer months. Soon, hundreds of tiny kittens will need the support of the Louisiana SPCA’s Kitten Krewe and the organization will be well positioned to provide that care thanks to the generous support of the Gia Maione Prima Foundation.  To learn more about the Louisiana SPCA and the foster program, visit www.louisianaspca.org