Local Animal Shelters Preparing for Hurricane Delta

October 6, 2020


Local Animal Shelters Preparing for Hurricane Delta

Although there is still uncertainty where Hurricane Delta will make landfall, eight leading Louisiana animal shelters are actively working together to prepare for potential impacts and post storm response.

The Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge (CAA), Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter (JPAS), Lafayette Animal Shelter & Care Center, Louisiana SPCA, St. Bernard Animal Shelter, St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter, St. Martin Animal Shelter and Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter are staged to respond to each other’s request for help when Hurricane Delta makes landfall in south Louisiana. Shelters that fall outside the immediate impact area have committed to support and aid animals and pet parents in neighboring parishes in the aftermath of the hurricane. The organizations will work together to coordinate animal rescue, donation needs and providing information to the community.  

Moving Animals in Advance of Landfall

The Louisiana SPCA is coordinating the transport of adoptable animals out of southern Louisiana to partner shelters around the country. By reducing the number of animals in each shelter, animal organizations can quickly respond to animals in distress once the storm passes.

More than 100 animals are scheduled to be transported between Tuesday, Oct. 6 and Wednesday, Oct. 7. The animals will depart from the Louisiana SPCA and be transported to partner shelters at Wake County SPCA, The Humane Society of Charlotte, the Atlanta Humane Society and Houston SPCA. An additional transport will also be done through Wings of Rescue.

St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter, JPAS, St. Martin’s Animal Shelter, the Louisiana SPCA and CAA are actively working with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team to assist pet parents who evacuated from Lake Charles and are currently staying in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Hurricane Prep for Pets

Pet parents need to include pets in their evacuation plans. Under no circumstances should pets be left behind. When preparing to evacuate bring enough supplies for at least five days.

For more information about hurricane preparations for pets visit including an evacuation checklist visit www.louisianaspca.org/hurricanes.