🚨 The City of New Orleans has activated it’s FREEZE PLAN. All pets must be brought indoors! To report an animal left outside, call 911.



Here’s my Daisy. My husband adopted her in 2011 just shortly after he and I started dating. Truth be told, she adopted me. She was brought into the yard … did a few zoomies … sat next to me and kissed me. She’s seriously my best friend in dog form. She’s been a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to me yell, to lick me when I’m happy, to snuggle me when I’m lonely. Nothing will ever replace her or come close to it ever in this life time. Sometimes a dog and a girl are meant to be. She’s about 10-11 years old now so I know she’s getting towards the end of typical boxer life span and my vet has officially classified her as a senior. She’s my snuggle bug, my stalker, my Velcro, my big weirdo, and my best girl. (Yep…. this is Roxys big fur sister!). Even if the Louisiana SPCA doesn’t know this …. they do just as much for humans as they do for animals. We might have saved her life but she also saved mine. Thank y’all for everything you do!