Getting To Know Officer E. Chandler

April 15, 2022

Impact Stories

Getting To Know Officer E. Chandler

During National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, we would like to take this opportunity to help the local community get to know our Humane Law & Rescue officers.

Meet Officer E. Chandler 👋

Chandler has been with the Louisiana SPCA for over a year and is incredibly proud of the work her and her fellow officers do for the animals and people of our community.

What made you decide to become an ACO?

I started at the Louisiana SPCA as a Community and Animal Support Associate, a position I fell in love with quickly. I had never worked at an animal shelter before and therefore I was learning a whole new set of skills and beginning to understand how it was run. I remember seeing the Animal Control Officers in the beginning of my time at the LA/SPCA and thinking that they were such brave people. Once I began to work more closely with them in our Client Care department, I really began to start idolizing the amazing work they did for our community and our animals. I wanted to be a part of the action and be on the front lines of saving Orleans Parish’s animals so I spoke with my director about pursuing a career in Animal Control. After a few “ride-alongs” with various officers, I knew that I had found the career that best fit my desire for animal welfare.  

What do you wish the public knew about the work you do?

I wish that the public knew that we are truly here to help the community’s animals AND people. Each ACO has a special love for animals, but as officers we have the opportunity to also work with the people of New Orleans. We are here to assist our community in understanding the Chapter 18 animal laws, educating them on how to properly care for their animal, and protecting them against any dangerous animals. Of course, finding puppies and kittens is always amazing, but so is meeting the people of New Orleans and forming positive relationships with them so that we can build a brighter future for our city and its animals.  

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had on assignment?

The most memorable moment I’ve had on an assignment was when I was able to rescue a cat that was stuck in the razor wire at the jail. I was the only officer on duty that day when dispatch reached out to inquire if an officer could head back to the jail and remove the cat stuck in the razor wire. An ACO had been there previously in the morning and left a trap to lure the cat down but it had been unsuccessful. When I arrived I was met by an officer who also called the Fire Department to assist in the rescue. The Fire Department came with ladders and together we cornered the cat and I was able to successfully capture it with a Ketch-All pole. Once the cat was secured, I instructed the firemen on the best way to lower the cat safely to the ground. Everyone worked together nicely and we were able to bring the cat back down and into a carrier. I rushed the cat back to our shelter where the clinic was waiting to take care of the poor baby who had cut their paws up running back and forth through the razor wire. I remember feeling so proud that I was able to complete this rescue as the only ACO on scene with the help of some amazing firemen!