Getting To Know Officer C. Maxson

April 14, 2022

Personal Reflections

Getting To Know Officer C. Maxson

During National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, we would like to take this opportunity to help the local community get to know our Humane Law & Rescue officers.

Meet Officer C. Maxson 👋

Maxson has been with the Louisiana SPCA for over a year and was actually the officer that found FB! We’ll find out just what kind of impact that had on her and her career.

What made you decide to become an ACO?

I decided to become an Animal Control Officer because I’ve always loved and appreciated the animals that we have learned to either live with or study from afar. Animal Planet was my absolute favorite channel when I was a kid. I’ll never forget the number of the channel, 64! The TV literally never changed to anything else. Long story short, my love for animals and my background (which consists of quite a few law enforcement jobs) is what had drawn me to this profession. Especially when I discovered that this job was about more than just enforcing laws. 

What do you wish the public knew about the work you do?

I wish the public knew that our jobs are more about us helping and educating the community than just picking up stray animals. Most people assume that we just chase dogs all day or that we’re seizing people’s animals. It would be amazing if the community knew we actually do other things like investigate animal cruelty, perform welfare checks on animals, and even assist with other calls involving different departments like the police. 

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had on assignment?

I have several memorable moments but one that I could say has really had an impact on me was a particular stray dog I rescued in October of last year. I could remember how horrible of a condition the dog was in. He had a rope tied so tightly around his neck which caused his head to swell and the rope caused a deep wound around his whole neck which was infested with maggots and flies. He was so emaciated that you could see his ribs. This dog still wagged his tail and was super happy to see a human even after a person had done that to him. He was sweet as pie! I watched him as he recovered and it was just such a beautiful thing to experience. He still loved humans as if he had never encountered the cruelty of man. This is why I love animals so much because they are so forgiving and willing to give people another chance. Their strength and courage is unmatched!