Feral Cat Trapping Request

  • Parish Information

    Feral cats exist everywhere, from rural areas to urban settings. In Orleans Parish, community cats are protected by law. Therefore, the Louisiana SPCA does not pick up and remove feral cats unless they are gravely ill or critically injured. Removal of feral cats is an ineffective method for attempting to create a cat-free area. Because of a phenomenon known as the “vacuum effect,” new cats would enter and settle in the territory of the removed cats, since the colony location is a source of food and shelter. Instead, the Louisiana SPCA provides a TNR, or Trap-Neuter-Return, program to mitigate issues caused by feral cats and prevent colony growth. After completing this form, our volunteer cat trappers may contact you and hopefully will be able to TNR the cat(s) you have indicated. Please note that we can only offer TNR services in Orleans and Plaquemines Parishes. Please contact your local animal control or animal rescue organization for assistance
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  • Cat Info

  • Caretaker Info

    We want to know if someone in your neighborhood is feeding or caring for the cats. Some neighborhoods have multiple caretakers.
  • Complaint Details

  • Under Orleans Parish Ordinances, Section 18, complainants against feral cats are required to prove that cats roaming free in their neighborhood are a public or private nuisance. Proof is considered photo or video documentation showing neighborhood cats causing physical damage to your property. A nuisance is considered a complaint regarding tangible acts that a cat or many cats are causing which result in damage to your home or property, particularly when steps have been taken to guard against such damages.