Hurricane Season Precautions

June 1, 2022


Hurricane Season 2022 Begins Today

Today marks the official start of hurricane season and we are urging pet-owners to create an evacuation plan that includes their pets! Pets are members of the family and should be included in all disaster preparations.

Did you know that before Hurricane Katrina, it’s estimated that roughly 259,400 families owned pets in New Orleans? Because there was no formal evacuation plan for residents needing assistance or for those with pets, as many as 104,000 pets were left behind. 44% of those that chose not to evacuate did so because they refused to leave their pets.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods are out of our control.  However, planning for a disaster is something we can all do. Just like other members of your household, emergency planning for your pets requires supplies and advance preparation. The supplies you gather should be able to provide for your pet for at least five days.

Are you ready for hurricane season?

Evacuation Checklist