Stella (Underdog)

  • Animal ID


  • Breed

    Retriever, Labrador

  • Age

    6 years 2 months

  • Size

    48 pounds

  • Sex


  • Housetrained


  • Location

    Plaquemines Parish Campus

  • Intake Date


  • Adoption Price


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"Your Social Butterfly and Loyal Companion!"

Meet Stella, the charismatic and outgoing dog who's ready to bring joy and laughter into your life! With her wagging tail and friendly smile, Stella is a social butterfly who thrives on human interaction and loves making new friends wherever she goes.

Stella's favorite activities include playing at the dog park, where she happily joins in games of fetch and tag with her furry friends. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm for playtime make her a hit with dogs of all sizes, and she enjoys socializing and romping around with her canine pals. Stella's friendly nature extends to people too, as she greets everyone with a wagging tail and a joyful demeanor, eager to share her affection and love.

Known for her loving heart and loyal disposition, Stella forms strong bonds with her human companions. She adores being the center of attention and thrives in environments where she can receive plenty of love and affection. Stella is a wonderful companion for active families or individuals looking for a four-legged friend who's as outgoing as she is loving.

Stella is a smart and eager learner who enjoys training sessions and learning new tricks. She eagerly responds to positive reinforcement and loves engaging in mental stimulation activities that challenge her mind. Stella's intelligence and enthusiasm for learning make her a joy to train and a devoted companion who's always eager to impress.

When the day's adventures wind down, Stella loves nothing more than curling up beside you for some quality cuddle time. Her affectionate nature and social personality will quickly make her an integral part of your family, bringing happiness and companionship into your home every day.

If you're looking for a social and loving dog who's as friendly as her name suggests, adopt Stella and let her brighten your life with her warm-hearted spirit and loyal companionship!

Stella is available for adoption at the Plaquemines Campus at 455 F. Edward Hebert Blvd in Belle Chasse. We are open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5pm. For any questions, please call 504-934-6931 or email

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