Gingersnap (Underdog)

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  • Age

    6 years 2 months

  • Size

    48 pounds

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  • Housetrained


  • Location

    Louisiana SPCA

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Have you ever craved something without knowing what you're actually craving? You try drinking water, then chocolate chip cookies, macaroni and cheese, and all the comfort foods you can think of, but nothing quite satisfies. Until finally, you reach for a gingersnap (or a different treat if that's too on the nose) and find that it's been exactly what you've been looking for.

Gingersnap, the dog, is the missing piece you've been looking for all this time too. She's the perfect blend of sweetness with just a pinch of spice to help her stand out and win over hearts. Plus, her beautiful looks are the icing on the cake (or cookie)

Gingersnap lets her joie-de-vivre lead her, and she doesn't hesitate to share it with others. Whether you're hanging out with friends and family or strangers at the local bakery, Gingersnap would love to meet them and bond over cookie recipes or your topic of choice. A treat herself, Gingersnap is motivated by food, but she's just as satisfied by toys and attention. In fact, while you're busy toiling away trying to perfect your sourdough starter in the kitchen, Gingersnap is happy to keep herself busy with her toys. You won't have to worry about your sous-chef making a mess either physically or socially, as Gingersnap seems mostly housebroken and seems to get along nicely with other canine family employees. While she's a bit more hesitant about feline employees, like kneading a ball of dough, she seems capable of adjusting and softening up with time.

When you're ready to leave the kitchen or the cookie-making factory, your already buff baker's arms will be given a break, as Gingersnap walks nicely on a leash. She would love for you to throw her a toy or two so she can run around and practice retrieving lavish baking ingredients from far-away farmer's markets.

Gingersnap would love to cuddle with you after a long day at work and play, but as a professional, she's also well-trained and comfortable in a crate. She's also talented at sitting and generally takes direction well, like any good sous-chef.

Don't forget that I come with a FREE training session from GoodPup to help you build a strong bond from the start. If you would like to meet me, please come to the New Orleans Campus, at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. I can't wait to meet you!

In Louisiana, our pets are a part of our culture as much as anything else. And for more than 130 years, the Louisiana SPCA has been an advocate for all our furry friends across the state. Follow our Lead and show the characters of Louisiana you care by supporting the Louisiana SPCA.

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