Tomato (Underdog in Foster)

  • Animal ID


  • Breed

    Cur, Black-Mouth

  • Age

    1 year 3 months

  • Size

    51 pounds

  • Sex


  • Housetrained


  • Location

    Louisiana SPCA

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  • Adoption Price


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Say hello to Tomato!

Tomato is a curious, excited, and affectionate Black Mouth Cur. He is a year and two months old and fully grown at just over 50 pounds. He loves to go on walks and play fetch (though he'll keep you guessing about whether he intends to bring the ball back to you). He also loves chew toys -- especially ones that squeak. The tougher to chew, the better! He might chew on other small objects if he doesn't have a toy around, but he's pretty easily distracted and satisfied by toys. Tomato and his foster mom had a Petco day, and his future family is welcome to take all the new toys he got with him.

Like most dogs, Tomato loooves treats. He responds to the sit command (most of the time) and being so treat-motivated, he probably wouldn't be too hard to train further. He still has some puppy energy left in him so he's learning to not pull on the leash when he's curious about something, and not jump up on people when he's excited to meet them. His manners are improving every day, though, and of course everyone is excited to meet him too.

Tomato is apparently housebroken and does not bark, even when other dogs bark at him during walks. He's a lover, not a fighter. He is currently fostered alone, so it's not fully known yet how he is with other dogs or cats, but he has displayed curiosity (but never aggression) when seeing them out and about. He will sometimes affectionately tackle his foster mom when he wants attention or treats, so that could be an issue with very small children or babies. He does not bite people, though (even when his foster mom has to take something from his mouth). Tomato's just a goofball. He would do best with people who have the time and energy to play with him and want to receive all of the love his big heart has to give. When you do need space, though, Tomato can be distracted with stimulating chew/treat toys. He's also more or less crate-trained, though his foster mom does let him sleep on her couch sometimes.

Tomato took a little coaxing to first get in the car and later to climb the stairs to his foster mom's apartment, but he is a quick learner and now leads her up the stairs as soon as he recognizes the apartment. He is a happy dog and adaptable to new environments. He's quiet in the car and apart from being a little startled by big potholes, he stays calm. Tomato certainly will not protest if you want to hand him the occasional treat during longer drives as well.

Tomato is a great dog, a playful sweetheart, and totally adoptable. Please email if you're interested in meeting him. Tomato would love to meet you too!

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