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  • Animal ID


  • Breed

    Domestic Shorthair

  • Age

    3 months

  • Size

    2 pounds

  • Sex


  • Housetrained


  • Declawed


  • Location

    Louisiana SPCA

  • Intake Date


  • Adoption Price


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Harry is a very very sweet little kitty and feels the safest when you're holding him tight. The rest of the trio leave him out a little so he is a little more shy and weary than the others, but he definitely tries his best. He gets a little freaked out around loud noises but nothing a little exposure therapy can't solve! He purrs so loud when you pet him or are even just in the room. His pattern is also cute and he always reminds me of the buttered popcorn flavored jelly bean!

Harry seems to be the odd one out in this group. It is not that Ron and Hermione are mean to him but they definitely get along a lot better and Harry just sits to the side a lot. This little dynamic was not planned I swear but I guess it makes sense that Ron and Hermione get married in Harry Potter and should probably be together here. They could definitely all be fine apart but I think if someone was looking for more than one kitten or a bonded pair, Hermione and Ron could be their answer!

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