Tips for Fireworks with your Pets

July 1, 2021

Animal Welfare

Fireworks & Your Pets

The days following 4th of July and New Years Eve are some of the busiest days for animal shelters across the country as dogs break their restraints and flee their homes due to anxiety and fear from fireworks displays. What can be a fun activity for us can be terrifying for our animals as they experience unusual sounds, flashes of light and weird smells.

Tips if you find a stray dog:

If you lose your pet, the most important thing to know is that each parish has a “stray hold period”. This hold period is designed to allow you time to find your pet. Each parish’s hold period is different; for example Orleans is 3 and Jefferson and Plaquemines are 5. If you have your address listed on the ID tag and it’s present on the animal when they come to us, Louisiana Law requires that the animal be held for 7 days.

Steps to take if you lose your pet: