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Meet the LASPCA animals in the Barkus Parade!


Roo is a 2-year-old lady who loves to learn and she reminds of us Eloise from Bridgerton. She is extremely smart, picks up on commands very quickly, and is a pro at matching energy.

Her favorite activity is going on a long walks to explore and we think she would be great in a home where she can make tons of friends!


At 51lbs and 3-years-old, Gordita’s name is a bit of a misnomer, but what can you do when you’re found in a Taco Bell parking lot? Evidenced by her attraction to the nearest drive-thru, Gordita absolutely loves food and we have not found a treat that she doesn’t like, but we still think her favorite are crunchy tacos.

Her ideal home? Somewhere with food


All Jocelyn has ever wanted in life was a friend, and she hopes to find one at Barkus! She’s a little timid at first, but she loves to be held and cuddled once she gets to know you! At only 2-years-old, she was found a stray slightly underweight, but brought to us when a kind stranger found her

A great home for Jocelyn would be one that gives her tons of love and reassurance.


Dot is one of the friendliest dogs we have ever met, and she is willing to do whatever you want to do, as long as she is spending time with you! She’s ready to go for a jog, watch a movie, hang out a bar, and is really ready to do just about anything. She’s 3-years-old and loves to greet new people with a big kiss.

Dot wants to adopt a human that will give her tons of love and exercise, but also someone she can snuggle with.


Coretta is a beautiful little lady at 31lbs. and just 2-years-old! She’s a sweet and gentle girl who loves to snuggle and lay on the couch. She can be in the mood for exploring, so long as there are cuddles at the end of the day!

She wants a home that can be quiet at night, but also have some activity during the day, and maybe some human siblings.

Can’t Adopt? Get Involved!

If you want to help the adoptable animals at the LASPCA but can’t open your home, you can open your heart! Whether it’s through our volunteer opportunities, making a monetary donation, or sharing an animal’s story on social media, the animals could use your help!